Today more than ever before we need safe, clean, sustainable and renewable energy for a better, shared, green future

Low carbon, innovative fuel replacements that not only decouple transport and industry from fossil fuels but drive regeneration. That work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystems and understand the socio-economic challenges of the regions they are produced in.

The world needs advanced biofuel alternatives to fossil fuels that are disruptive but… without driving disruption.

Our Founding Story

As world class scientists, we knew that micro-biodiversity held the answers to solving the impending climate crisis. That microalgae had changed the world 3Bn years ago and could once again give life back to Earth.

We also knew that many others had endeavoured to leverage the power of algae but with limited success.

What makes HutanBio different is the approach we took.

We started at the beginning and went back to first principles. To develop an advanced biofuel alternative that could scale, be cost effective and clean but crucially, didn't cause the disruption we have seen with many other energy crops.

Our Vision

Decouple heavy transportation from fossil fuels.

By deploying biofarms on barren, unproductive land we will green the deserts in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Our HBx biofuel technology platform will enable land owners to generate a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels cost effectively and unlike other energy crops, will do so without using freshwater, driving deforestation or competing with agriculture.

Providing a vital solution to help decarbonise heavy transportation whilst supporting regions suffering the most from climate change through the generation of bio economies that provide jobs, wealth creation and education.

Our legacy is to create a planet that has a future.

A future that we want to be part of.

Our Guiding Values

  • Science Led

    Everything we do is underpinned by scientific rigor

  • Protect the Planet

    Be distruptive but without being disruptive

  • Drive Equity

    Through job opportunities, energy security and education

Our Founders & Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind HutanBio. Passionate, purposeful and driven by impact.
John Archer_Headshot
John Archer
Chief Scientific Officer

Founded the international research & development team behind HBx algal biofuel. Following extensive & successful research, co-founded HutanBio.

Noor Azlin Mokhtar_Headshot
Noor Azlin Mokhtar
Director of Asian Operations

Co-founded HutanBio following extensive research into industrial micro-organisms which provided the foundation for HutanBio’s technology platform.

Suhaiza Ahmad Jamhor_headshot
Suhaiza Ahmad Jamhor
Business Manager

Experienced researcher and part of the team behind HBx Algal biofuel, co-founder and now business manager for both Malaysian and UK operations.

Paul Beastall_Headshot
Paul Beastall
Chief Executive Officer

Experienced strategist who has spent his entire career at the interface of business and technology. His key strength is bridging the gap between technology specialists, investors, commercial functions & regulators to drive forward impact.

Jonathan Tudor_CGF
Jonathan Tudor
Investor Director

Investment Partner at Clean Growth Fund with more than 20 years of venture investment experience across multiple sectors, geographies and markets. He has led investment teams at BP Ventures and more recently was Technology Strategy director at Centrica.

Headshot_Madiha Bakir
Madiha Bakir
Non Executive Director

UK qualified actuary with a wealth of experience in the oil and gas, energy transition and ESG sectors including two decades of experience working in culturally diverse environments across the UK, Europe & Middle East (PwC, Saudi Aramco & ADNOC).

James Ibberson
James Ibberson
Head of Engineering

Experienced technical leader specialising in electronics, software, and system development. Key strengths include project leadership, technical expertise, and the delivery of ambitious multi-disciplinary projects globally.

Adrian Watson
Chief Financial Officer

Chartered accountant with over twenty years CFO experience in various technology businesses. Experienced, multi-disciplinary team leader of finance, IT, HR, legal, facilities management and admin support.

Rachel Sparkhall_Headshot 1
Rachel Sparkhall
Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist passionate about transforming complex technology into stories that drive impactful change.

Fuelled by a relentless desire to make the world a better place for all.


Are you ready to become part of a team that makes a difference?

Join us as we advance our breakthrough HBx biofuel platform and decouple heavy transportation from fossil fuels

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