Today more than ever before, we need safe, clean, sustainable and renewable manufacturing for a better, shared, green future

Innovative fuel replacements that drive regeneration, work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystems, and understand the socio-economic challenges of the regions they are grown in.

It is crucial that we do not simply replace one damaging process with another and this is why HBx is different.

It is disruptive without driving disruption.

Our Story

As a team of world class scientists, we knew that micro-biodiversity held the answers to solving the impending climate crisis. That microalgae had changed the world 3Bn years ago and could once again give life back to Earth.
We also knew that many others had endeavoured to leverage the power of algae but with limited success.
What makes HutanBio different is our approach.
We started at the beginning and went back to first principles.
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A trillion sample colonies whittled down to just 80

Our Vision

Our vision has always been about flipping the ecosystem back into balance whilst driving climate equity.
The development of a biofuel to decarbonise heavy transportion that also supports regions suffering the most from climate change with jobs, wealth creation and education.
Our legacy is to create a planet that has a future.
A future that we want to be part of.
Science Led
Protect the Planet
Drive Equity

Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind HutanBio.
John Archer
Chief Scientific Officer

Founded the international research & development team behind HBx algal biofuel and following extensive and successful research, co-founded HutanBio.

Noor Azlin Mokhtar
Dir. of Asia Operations

Co-founded HutanBio following extensive research into industrial micro-organisms which provided the foundation for HutanBio’s technology platform.

Paul Beastall
Interim CEO

Experienced strategist who bridges the gap between technology specialists, investors, commercial functions & regulators to drive forward impact.

Suhaiza Ahmad Jamhor
Business Manager

Experienced researcher and part of the team behind HBx Algal biofuel, now business manager for both Malaysian and UK operations.

Amir Fuhaira Ishak

Lead Bioprocess Engineer - Production

Nor Asyiqin Binti Bakeri

Lead Bioprocess Engineer - R&D

Noor Azman Mokhtar