Marine microalgal production platforms to address climate change

HutanBio libraries of highly robust, metabolically versatile microalgae and photobioreactor technology

  • Marine microalgal production platforms to address climate change
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    High value bioactives

    HutanBio marine  exo-polysaccharide is a biolubricant, natural sunscreen with antiinflamatory, antioxidant and antiaging properties

  • High value bioactives
  • Photobioreactor

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  • Consulting services
    • Sustainable industrial platforms address Climate Change

      HutanBio's technology provides a range of solutions to help your business address the challenge of climate change through robust low carbon footprint products

      Scalable and sustainable low-carbon bio-oil for sustainable aviation fuel

      HutanBio's in-depth knowledge and metabolic engineering has developed new robust, scalable high productivity bio-oil strains that have been proven in long-term industrial pilot tests in both desert and tropical environments

      Explore the potential of microalgae

      HutanBio's knowledge base and in-house resources and expertise allows us to explore new opportunities to address C21st industrial challenges


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      Proprietary Industrial Microalgae

      Genomics-led Metabolic Engineering

      Total Engineered System Performance