Accelerating what nature has done for 2 billion years. We are converting sunlight and carbon dioxide into flammable hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons are the only reliable way to carry sufficient energy density for long-haul transportation but current biofuels sacrifice arable land, clean water, and foodstuff.

Our technology is different because we use salt water and automated photosynthesis bioreactors.

Allowing landowners to produce carbon-negative biofuel from unproductive land.

It’s cost-effective, scalable, and disruptive without destruction.

Illustrations showing how HtanBio produce carbon negative biooil from micro algae

What makes us unique

Proprietary Industrial Microalgae

Genomics-led Metabolic Engineering

Total Engineered System Performance

Sustainable industrial platforms to address Climate Change

Our technology and expertise provides a range of solutions to help your business address the challenge of climate change through robust, low carbon footprint products

Scalable and sustainable low-carbon HBx bio-oil for marine, land and aviation sectors

HutanBio's in-depth knowledge and metabolic engineering has developed new robust, scalable high productivity bio-oil strains that have been proven in long-term industrial pilot tests in both desert and tropical environments

Explore the potential of microalgae

Our extensive knowledge base, in-house resources and expertise allows us to explore new opportunities to address C21st industrial challenges