Accelerating what nature has done for 2 billion years. We convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into flammable hydrocarbons

We build sustainable biofarms on desert-like, barren land using enclosed photobioreactors.  By leveraging the power of a rare species of microalgae, our technology platform can produce a zero or carbon-negative sustainable replacement fuel for diesel and a feedstock for aviation fuels.

Our cutting-edge approach combines advanced biology, clean technology, and sophisticated automated sensing and control systems.

Accelerating the energy transition sustainably and ethically.


to grow in salt water


on barren, unproductive land


our forests, peatland and food

Delve a little deeper

Our ethos is to use patented automation infrastructure to allow agricultural workers to operate oil farms.

Learn more about the simplicity of our process and how we deploy our automated biofarms. What makes the ideal location and understand the criteria used to select each biofarm location. Look behind the scenes, discover more about the science and what makes our algae so special.

Bringing value to barren land

Grown on barren, desert land in enclosed bioreactors, HBx does not drive disruption. Our process will utilise unproductive land thus protecting equatorial rainforests and peatland which in turn protects biodiversity and existing crop land.