Combining modular architecture, sophisticated engineering and advanced biology we are automating bio aquafarming

Using our patented biology and closed-loop control platforms, we offer a LAB to LAND service. Adding value to unproductive, barren land around the world to develop sustainable bio farms using our HBx technology platform.

From the identification of suitable farm location sites, infrastructure roll-out and automation set-up, through to the supply of individually curated seed cultures kits to establish growth. Our in-house expertise reduces risk and builds resilience.

Three Stage Process

  • 1
    Preparation Phase

    Farm location identified and biofarm equipment deployed. Starter seed HBx algae cultures selected and suspended in high salinity water within enclosed PBR’s

  • 2
    Automated Growth Phase

    Growth happens when the algae are exposed to sunlight and fed with CO2 from the atmosphere or industrial flues. Yields are optimised by closed loop control platform

  • 3
    Extract and Supply Phase

    35 days later the algae biomass is seperated from the water, and the oil cleanly extracted ready for distribution. The remaining biomass is dried providing additional revenue streams

Offering year-round sustainable high yield production

Platform deployment

Using zonal arrays of low cost, polythene photobioreactors, oil farms can be built and operated without specialist knowledge.

Deployed in one-hectare tiles, this modular approach provides both scalability and flexibility and allows biofarm expansion to work in harmony with market demands. The use of enclosed photobioreactors provides an engineered advantage over open pond set up.

* Customers provide land, water access, and legal approvals such as planning.

  • Scalable
  • Low risk
  • Modular

Identification of suitable biofarm location

Ideal HBx Biofarm locations fall within +/- 40degree latitudes as they offer sufficient solar energy to enable efficient algae growth in a cost-effective manner.
  • Low-level topography
  • Unproductive land
  • Access to seawater
  • Strong sunlight

Bringing barren and unproductive land to life with sustainable aquaculture biofarms

HBx biofarms work best in areas of strong sunlight and with access to salty water, making coastal desert areas the perfect location.

Utilising geographical mapping information (GIS) we have identified six prime locations.


Strong sunlight, extensive desert and arid landmass within the Western Sahara regions with an established focus on renewables make this region perfect for biofarm deployment.


Namibia’s long Atlantic coast means it has a very large area of suitable desert with close proximity to sea water.


With significant landmass close to the equator categorised as shrub land with a low density of natural plant life, north western Australia is ideal for very large oil farms deployment.


Significant desert coastal regions fall within the +/- 40 degree band, providing excellent sunlight for growth.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is unusual in having two coastlines with very suitable environmental conditions. It is also home to some of the most intense sunlight on the planet.


Similar to Saudi Arabia with extensive coastal regions, strong sunlight and well connected to ONG supply chains.

HBx biofuel target locations illustrated on world map

Six countries provide >25% of suitable land identified

HBx platforms avoid disruption by fitting into the current supply chain

  • Work with existing supply chains for processing, storage, distribution and use​
  • Deploy straight to shipping users​ or provide valuable feedstock for the existing biofuels industry​
  • Supporting ONG partnerships where refineries provide a source of carbon dioxide