Fuelling Our Future Planet with Low Carbon Biofuel

Transforming the future of long distance transportation

HBx Biofuel:  The world’s best route to decarbonising long-distance transportation

A disruptive biofuel...but without the disruption

Decarbonising industries locked into fossil fuels is an enormous challenge. Across aviation, shipping and trucking, assets spend 20-30 years in operation and move for up to 90% of their lives.

This makes it hard to retrofit and adapt to new fuel systems.

At HutanBio, we are committed to solving this problem by developing a low carbon, scalable ‘drop in’ replacement for diesel and feedstock for aviation fuels.

1 tonne of HBx produced, helps to remove nearly 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Noor Azlin, HutanBio Founder


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A direct drop-in fuel replacement will decarbonise heavy land transport that uses 5.4 Bn barrels of oil each year that can not be electrified.

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Providing a feedstock to support an industry that uses 1.4 Bn barrels of oil a year and flies for 5000 hours each year, over long distances.

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Supporting an industry that moves critical supplies around the world, that is at sea for 330 days a year, and uses 1.9 Bn barrels of oil per year.

Our Future

We believe that HBx is much bigger than just a replacement fuel. It has the potential to fuel a better future.

A future we want to be part of.

A transformative approach to long-distance transportation whilst bringing climate equity to those that need it the most.

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The Power of HBx


A biofuel that requires no tank or engine modification and can be stored, pumped, and burnt in exactly the same way as diesel.


Using automation and modular architecture, farms can be developed and expanded as required, improving green job opportunities.


By feeding off sunlight and carbon dioxide, HBx algae has the potential to draw down and capture more carbon dioxide than it emits.

Reduce your carbon emissions now

Grown on barren, desert land in enclosed bioreactors, HBx does not drive disruption. Our process will utilise unproductive land thus protecting equatorial rainforests and peatland which in turn protects biodiversity and existing crop land.

Advanced Biology and Engineering Excellence

We supply the technology, equipment, and design services to build oil farms. Bringing green fuel jobs to areas of the world where agriculture is poor.

Modular architecture will enable scalable deployments that are driven by market demands.

From every square kilometer farmed, we can produce 35,000 barrels of light oil and capture 22,250 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Platform Deployment

To grow in salt water

Barren Land

Does not compete with food production


Does not drive deforestation or destroy peatland

‘We believe Micro Biodiversity holds the answers to solve the climate challenges. We are simply replicating what Mother Nature has done for 2Bn years’

John Archer, HutanBio Founder

One in a Trillion Discovery

Where others have tried and failed to use microalgae, our approach has leveraged the massive evolutionary diversity of marine microalgae.

A bioprospecting program that screened over 1 trillion samples from the world’s oceans, selecting for productivity, growth, and lipid production.

During that process, we rejected all of the species that other companies had based their businesses on.

Our patented algae, HBx, is a genus new to science, that is the result of a 120-person year research program.

Our Research

What Makes HBx Special

A true scientific breakthrough; a genus of marine microalgae new to science
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Ability to absorb more energy from the sun without getting frazzled

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Adapted to harsh environments making it efficient and highly productive

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Protected from viruses and predation by its own life support capsule

Fuelling our Future Planet

HBx is 500X more productive then oterh algal species


Incredibly efficient and able to laydown significantly higher lipid stores compared to other algae species

30X biomass output


Improved biomass yields enable higher efficiencies, providing more feedstock for secondary supply chains

20X Palm Oil Yield


Capable of year-round sustainable high yield production, significantly higher then other crops

What the Industry is Saying

'If those numbers are right, we'll take as much HBx oil as you can make'

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    Fuelling our future planet with low carbon biofuel

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