International Women’s Day 2024

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on the amazing women who are working at HutanBio.

Together, they epitomise empowerment, courage, achievement, strength 💪 and equity.

At Hutanbio, celebrating and championing women is not just a once-a-year celebration. Diversity, equity and inclusion are daily life and form part of our company DNA 🧬. We are incredibly proud that two out of our three founders are female and that we have a team gender ratio greater than 50%.

HutanBio Team Photo
HutanBio Team Photo – Promoting Balanced Gender

Investing in Women

The United Nations theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is InvestInWomen: Accelerate Progress. So, it is important that we thank our early angel investors and now Clean Growth Fund who believe in the potential of HBx Biofuel and have stepped up with a £2.25m seed investment. This enables us to continue to advance our engineering and begin to scale the biology that this amazing team of women have worked so hard to develop.

The history of International Women’s Day stems back to 1909, but in more recent times it has been adopted by the UN as a powerful advocacy tool. A platform to champion social equality and women’s rights; to raise awareness, and promote the trailblazers but to also remind us about the continued challenges and barriers facing women around the world.

Do you #InvestInWomen?

Rachel Sparkhall, our marketing and comms expert introduces the team in the video below, explaining why it is such a privilege to work with this amazing group of women.

From left to right we have: Ninie Noor Diana, Suhaiza Ahmad Jamhor, Noor Azlin Mokhtar, Nor Asyiqin Binti Bakeri, Asmahan Nazura Binti Basumi

Empowered HutanBio Women

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