Cracking the Algal Biofuel Code

Thought the algal biofuel bubble had burst?! Think again…!

Many industry experts discounted using algae for biofuel because they didn’t understand the secret to scaling in an industrial setting. We do.

Our overarching purpose at HutanBio is to develop technology that allows landowners to build green oil farms on unproductive land.  Away from agriculture, rainforests and habitation. To create a biofuel with a social conscience.

Our unique advantage is that we are disruptive but without the disruption. Both socially and economically.

We realised early on that Mother Nature has had a 2 billion-year head start on us. And that the smart thing to do was ask for her help. Not try and genetically engineer our way to a solution. The discovery of HBx means that we are starting with an incredibly strong organism, that is most likely 2Bn years old. With all the traits and canniness to survive in the most hostile of locations. 

It’s like Mother Nature has given us a fast-track pass to success – the key to solving the algal biofuel puzzle.

The power of HBx is that it thrives in hostile environments, which means we can target some of the most inhospitable areas of the world, where land has little value. Near to coastlines or salty water supplies because we do not use ANY fresh water. With agriculture already covering 50% of habitable land on earth and drinking 70% of fresh water, there is no sense in adding further to that burden.

Australian red desert
Australian red desert is perfect location to build HBx biofarms

Cracking the algal biofuel code

So, what makes us different to those that tried and failed in the past?

Why are we so confident about our ability to scale a cost-effective algal biofuel? One that is capable of having a significant impact on the decarbonisation of heavy transportation?

The answer is quite straightforward.

We succeeded because we got the strategy right and took the time. The time to devise the appropriate selective pipeline to hunt for the right organisms that could scale in an industrial setting.

And… that we had the tenacity to keep going and not give up…

Our discovery and advanced biology draw a line through previous algal biofuel attempts and demonstrate the vision, world-class expertise and tenacity of our team.

The future is green

Finding HBx was the key to unlocking the biofuel puzzle and with 6 years of continuous industrial cultivation, we have already achieved a world first

So, join us as we set out to accelerate our growth as this is simply just the start…

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