Paul Beastall on the Cambridge Tech Podcast

HutanBio Cambridge Tech Podcast – Episode 81 

How do you decarbonise an industry which moves across vast oceans for 330 days a year? That uses 200 Mn tonnes of diesel fuel a year and requires its fleet to be operational for +30 years.

Well, you can find out more by checking out episode 81 on the Cambridge Tech Podcast. Hosted by the fabulous Faye Holland and James Parton, HutanBio CEO, Paul Beastall explains how our technology platform will lead to a genuine and tangible reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Paul chats in more detail about the background of HutanBio and the founding team, the discovery of HBx and what it could mean for heavy transportation.

Paul Beastall on the Cambridge Tech Podcast
Paul Beastall chats to Faye and James on the Cambridge Tech Podcast – Episode 81

What is HBx Biofuel

It’s a disruptive biofuel… but without the disruption. More than ever, we need safe, clean, sustainable, and renewable fuels for a better, shared, green future. Faye and James speak with, Paul Beastall, Hutanbio CEO, about technology and innovative fuel replacements that drive regeneration, and work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystems.

How a trillion sample colonies were screened on a floating lab to find an organise that could help decouple heavy transportation from fossil fuels. And all without driving deforestation and impacting food agriculture.

A micro solution that can help solve a giant problem

Heavy transportation is a billion-tonne problem that needs resolving. Whilst the scale-up required for an alternate low-carbon biofuel is huge, the potential is almost infinite…

With an organism new to science, we believe that we can not only scale our biofuel platform but help green the deserts.

With thanks to Faye Holland and James Parton for the conversation – Cambridge Tech Podcast

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