Pathway to 2030 and Beyond: Biofuels Webinar

John Archer, HutanBio Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, and a select group of panellists discuss the Pathway to 2030 and Beyond for Biofuels within the marine industry.

Part of the Marine Propulsion: Fuels Webinar Week ( 7-10 May 2024)

As the Maritime Industry moves towards a net zero fuel, biofuels are widely considered an essential transition fuel and will become part of the fuel-energy mix. However, feedstock shortages, increased risks of land use change and challenges with scaling, temper the necessary investment required for significant production output whilst ship owners weigh the higher fuel costs alongside the increasing regulatory pressures – namely EU ETC and IMO mandates.

Four areas of concern were highlighted during the conversation:-

  • Marine fuel standards and certification
  • Higher costs and challenges with investment
  • Regulatory compliance adherence
  • Feedstock supply and current restrictions

During the webinar, several poll questions were presented to the audience. Whilst opinions were spread across the various questions, feedstock concerns, regulatory pressures and compatibility with existing powerplants and infrastructure ranked high on the list.

Container ship coming into port
Ship coming into port

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On the panel of Riviera’s Biofuels: opportunities, challenges, and real-world experiences webinar were: (left to right) HutanBio founder and chief scientific officer John Archer, RBC Capital chief finance advisor and director of renewables and energy transition markets Eduardo Famini Silva, Wallenius Wilhelmsen head of new energy and marine operations management Christos Chryssakis and Peninsula head of biofuels Nikolas Nikolaidis.

At HutanBio, we are working hard to rapidly scale up the automation of our game-changing algal biofuel platform, HBx. You can read more about our deployment and technology here

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