Strategic Expansion Plans and Key Appointment

HutanBio further establishes presence in Cambridge with strategic expansion plans and Head of Engineering appointment.

  • James Ibberson appointed as Head of Engineering to accelerate commercial rollout of innovative HBx biofuel platform
  • St Johns Innovation Centre selected for HQ location and strategic engineering team expansion

Last month saw HutanBio solidify their commitment to the Cambridge entrepreneurial ecosystem with the announcement of expansion initiatives and the appointment of James Ibberson as Head of Engineering.

Head of Engineering Appointment

James Ibberson joins the team with a wealth of experience as Founder and Director of Tebira Ltd. A technical consultancy specialising in electronic, software, and system development for global clients. His appointment underscores HutanBio’s commitment to assembling a world-class team of experts dedicated to combatting climate change and shaping a greener, more sustainable future.

With an impressive record of delivering ambitious multidisciplinary projects both in the UK and internationally, James is positioned to be a valuable asset to HutanBio.

James Ibberson
Head of Engineering, James Ibberson

James Ibberson comments,

“I am thrilled to be joining the exceptional team at HutanBio who have spent over a decade decoding the algal biofuel puzzle.

The team has ambitious plans to decarbonise two of the toughest sectors: Marine and Aviation. These industries present unique technical hurdles due to their stringent performance, regulatory requirements and the need for high-energy-density fuels which is why the technology being developed by HutanBio is so exciting. It is quite simply pushing boundaries, blending advanced biological processes with cutting-edge engineering.

My decision to join the team was easy. The team is incredible, the microbiology groundbreaking and the technology targets critical markets. With our biology already at an advanced stage and a world-class science team in place, my mission is to drive the engineering scale-up. To leverage my expertise in industrial process control, instrumentation, biotech, electronics, and technical leadership.

I am particularly eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise to advance the HBx Biofuel platform and build a strong engineering team here in Cambridge. The challenge is immense, but the opportunity to make a substantial impact on global carbon emissions is what drives us all at HutanBio.”

Growth Strategy

To support this key appointment, HutanBio has secured office space at the renowned St Johns Innovation Park as part of our strategic growth plans. This move aligns with the company’s vision for substantial expansion within its engineering team, with recruitment efforts already underway. With over 80 tenants and 500 employees, the innovation park provides an ideal environment for growing businesses like ours, offering accessibility, flexibility, and collaboration opportunities.

Paul Beastall, CEO of HutanBio comments,

“The expansion of our engineering team in Cambridge is a strategic move for HutanBio and underpins our long-served connections to the University and surrounding area. Cambridge offers a wealth of talent, particularly in the engineering and tech sectors, making it an ideal location for our growth plans. James’s appointment marks a significant milestone in our journey towards realizing our ambitious goals.”

John Archer, Founder and CSO of HutanBio adds,

“We are delighted to welcome James Ibberson to our team. His proven track record of technical excellence, specifically his multidisciplinary project management and leadership skills will play a pivotal role in driving forward our efforts to advance our engineering platform capabilities and grow our team here in Cambridge. With James on board, we are poised to accelerate our innovation and make significant strides towards a sustainable future.”

HBx Biofuel Technology Platform

Following a decade of research and the discovery of a rare species of microalgae called HBx, HutanBio was formed. This newly discovered microalgae produces a high energy density, low carbon and sulphur-free bio-oil. Expected to become a major disruptor in the fuel supply market and make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the hard-to-abate transport and heavy industries such as cement manufacture, we have been patient and rigorous in our scientific work to ensure that HBx is market-ready. We believe that HBx unlocks the biofuel puzzle, with the capability to produce a cost-effective biofuel an order of magnitude greater than any other oil crop and positively impact the £trillion challenge of decarbonising long-distance transport.

Positively impact the £trillion challenge of decarbonising long-distance transport.

Container ship coming into port
Container ship coming into port

In addition to our advanced genomic expertise, we have developed an innovative technology platform to automate and optimise algae growth. The platform uses CO₂ greenhouse gas as a feedstock for the algae which are grown in special “bio-reactor farms.” These sustainable and scalable aquafarms, designed and engineered by HutanBio will be built on unproductive and non-agricultural semi-arid and arid land in countries where there are high levels of sunlight.

With sights set on deploying our first commercial biofarm as early as 2025, all efforts are focused on expanding the development team. To advance the engineering, software and automation required to support platform deployment.

To learn more about our technology platform and how we could work together to decarbonise heavy transportation – please get in touch.

Recruitment for our engineering team is underway and you can review current vacancies on our careers page.

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